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Grace The Mystic, Award Winning Author

Grace Allison, Author

4408 14 Street

Lubbock, Texas 79416


Why I Write What I Write

To Save My Life
US indie author Grace Allison describes herself as “a prime example of someone who pulled herself up by her bootstraps and took notes along the way”. When she turned to writing, she chose subjects that she was intimately familiar with—and their scope is surprising.
Author Grace Allison is a modern Christian Mystic and an award-winning self-help and motivational author who has assisted hundreds to find their spiritual wisdom to solve everyday challenges.

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Creativity is a joyful and spiritual experience of incitement the inward feeling of excitement that changes the molecules and cells. Find your incitement your joy your dreams NOW!


 I feel blessed to know somebody like you with so much wisdom and kindness in their soul. Carolyn Howard Johnson

​​​What if…
… Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, was actually working with supernatural forces beyond imagination?
… young Einstein, at the age of six, received an ancient compass from pre-history that changed the course of his life and upon which balanced the very destiny of Earth?
… Einstein, a brilliant mathematician, was the reincarnation of a leading priest-scientist who lived during the time of Atlantis and whose twin brother, through a DNA experiment gone awry, was transformed into an immortal shape-shifting, power mad dragon?
… Einstein became a key player in the unseen battle between Light and Darkness?
Einstein’s Compass takes readers on a hero’s adventure through time and across dimensions. It is a blend of historical fact and imaginative fantasy that challenges readers to distinguish between them.
Einstein’s Compass; A Novel of What If
Publication date: December, 2017